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# 1999/Apr/21
Can you use Knowledge Explorer?

Can you use Knowledge Explorer?

I envision five classes of KE users:

1. Personal computer owners

Every owner can use KE as a personal relational database management system. Compared to commercially available DBMSs, KE has the advantage of being more flexible and powerful -- you can dynamically redefine the knowledge base using simple English-like statements. Its "smart input menu" and "question"s provide simple form-based input and output.

2. Programmers

People with some programming background will find KE even more appealing because of its UNIX-like control structures. My knowledge representation language, KR, provides the essential features of a modern programming language.

3. Database designers

Database designers can use KE to explore and define the entity-relation model for a database system.

4. Professional philosophers

Philosophers can use KE as an aid in abstract thinking. Because the design of the KR language is based on a comprehensive theory of knowledge, it can concisely characterize anything from the most abstract axiomatic concepts to every day events.

5. Artificial Intelligence researchers

Because of KR's strong theoretical foundation, AI researchers can use KE to gain insight into basic knowledge representation issues.

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