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New features in mKE versions

New features in mKE versions

4.1   new syntax for actions & commands
4.2   file system hierarchies
4.3   use Unicon instead of Icon
4.4   units & primitive concepts
4.5   internet hierarchies; Semantic Web applications
4.6   XML namespace lattice
4.7   semicolon terminates sentence

5.0   changed from shareware to open source
5.1   MKR/MKE glossary, MKR introduction
5.2   Parlett XML parser
5.3   new group definition syntax and MKR parser
5.4   namespace stack
5.5   RDF tabula rasa and triples
5.6   Google search and OWL ontology
5.7   redefined views: tabula rasa, rdf, rdfs, owl
5.8   user-defined verbs for binary relations
5.9   interface to Stanford TAP KB

6.0   new syntax for user-defined binary relation
6.1   new syntax for pronouns
6.2   interface to OpenCyc KB
6.3   hdo walks hierarchy, isp* generates unit hierarchy
6.4   TAP Java Client included in MKE download
6.5   include NSM concepts, permit {propositionlist} and [phraselist] in subject and object
6.6   new syntax: happens interaction ... done;
6.7   and,or,not,while,until,break,return,local variables

7.0   new syntax: name[char] and RDF/OWL Mtriple language
7.1   proposition name, IS HAS DO can exists
7.2   MKE for Mac
7.3   mKE includes REBOL/Core 2.6.2, OpenCyc 0.6 Upper Ontology, enhanced binary relation syntax
7.4   new syntax for interaction, OpenCyc Web Services, IEEE SUMO ontology.

8.0   context pipelines, logic loops: for quantifier
8.1   mKE for Fedora, synset, mkr2ikl
8.2   WordNet, simplified grammar
8.3   hotools, mke online, GDBM and MySQL databases
8.4   change i: to u:, Context Knowledge Systems, Unicon 12.1, Windows 8.1, Ubuntu 12.04, Mac OS X 10.9
8.5   change haspart,isapart to hasp,isap; delete isu,iss,isg,isp from mKR; "of" has wtype="w";
8.6   iyacc parser and lexer; optional "done"; keep isu,iss,isg,isp; "of" isa preposition
8.7   use GDBM database for permanent storage of my Knowledge Base

9.0   change syntax and properties of hierarchy,relation,method; add unknown syntax for if...fi
9.0.1   ( ) list, [ ] set; Turtle style svoList

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