From: "Richard H. McCullough" <> To: my potential user Subject: enhancing Real Intelligence Date: Saturday, March 17, 2007 6:21 AM The purpose of this note is to alert you to the existence of a valuable (IMHO) tool. If you find it useful, I get no monetary profit -- I get only my pride of accomplishment. my Knowledge Representation language (mKR) is a "Real Intelligence" language -- its purpose is to help humans "work smarter". mKR is composed of Ayn Rand's epistemology + actions/methods + modern computer languages + English-like syntax. mKR is a very terse language -- which helps you focus on essentials. Here is a sample "program" which displays one concept subhierarchy (that's 1 of 1911 total concepts) from the OpenCyc Upper Ontology. Person isc* ?; "isc" is the verb which relates a concept to its units and species; "*" means iterate; "?" means the concepts which make this "statement" true. In other words, search the knowledge base for answers to this "question". my Knowledge Explorer (mKE) implements mKR. mKE "knows" the standard languages used on the "Semantic Web" -- RDF, OWL, CycL -- and provides an mKR interface to several knowledge bases. One example is the OpenCyc knowledge base -- an ambitious Cycorp project which combines "common-sense" reasoning with the vast knowledge available on the internet. OpenCyc uses approx. 7000 contexts to support its reasoning process. OpenCyc has some epistemological problems, which I was able to identify using mKR/mKE. I share everything I know; see for 10+ years of my notes on mKR/mKE, plus conceptual hierarchies from the OpenCyc knowledge base, the Stanford TAP knowledge base, and the Google internet directory. Dick McCullough mKE do enhance od "Real Intelligence" done; knowledge := man do identify od existent done; knowledge haspart proposition list;