# KEHOME/help/koptions.html # Richard H. McCullough Mar/8/2015

mKE Command Line Options

mKE version 9.0 USAGE: ke [options] [file ...] -k knowledge base set knowledge base -s space set context -t time set context -v view set context -u universe set context -i language set input language -o language set output language -c language check syntax -q quiet -n no prompt -http online server -php online server -help print usage and exit -env print environment variables and exit -mkb print mKR knowledge bases and exit -okb print other knowledge bases and exit -spo language print sentence formats and exit -view language print language hierarchy and exit

mKE Files

stdin input sentences stdout command and question output stderr error output mke.log debug output http://mkrmke.net/knowledge/* mkr online knowledge bases

mKE Environment Variables

CHOME Cygwin home directory default: /cygdrive/c/Cygwin HOME user home directory DBDIR mKE database directory default: HOME/db KEHOME mKE home directory default: HOME/KE UHOME Unicon home directory default: /cygdrive/c/Unicon JHOME Java home directory